Monday, August 22, 2011

Jesus, Lord, Savior and Companion

This is an entire message in itself. I guess St. Paul could have said that if anyone is trusting Jesus he is doing it by the Holy Spirit --- in the same way that "nobody can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Spirit."

I'm trusting Jesus in the details -- and right now in the detail of publishing this onto the blog. Actually, that is not a "silly" thing to do. Jesus is Lord of ALL -- and that does include the details. of our day, or our actions, of our thoughts and of anything and everything.

Trusting in Jesus -- that's something that we can learn from Mary. What was that like for her in the day-to-day details? I'm finding that the Spirit of Jesus is entering more and more into those details. What is your experienceon God's involvement in the ordinary moments of each day?

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